The best game for practicing your multiplication tables

Mathcontest is a simple game. You just need to calculate the product of two numbers.


Dive into a world where numbers dance and you're the choreographer! Welcome to MathContest, the game that transforms multiplication into a thrilling adventure. As you step into the arena, a flurry of numbers swoop down, challenging you to multiply them under the ticking clock! With only 60 seconds on the clock, how many can you conquer?

Every correct answer fuels your journey towards the grand confetti explosion, a celebration of your numerical nimbleness. But the battle doesn't end here; your scores are saved in the halls of numeric glory, beckoning you to beat your own best the next time around.

Not just a game, but a battleground where every correct answer is a step towards mastering multiplication! Whether you're a math enthusiast or a numbers newbie, we promise a whirlpool of fun, challenge, and learning. So, ready to unleash the Number Ninja in you and reign supreme in this numerical battleground? Join the game, multiply, and conquer!



"This game has changed how I spend my free time!"


"I hide in the toilet to play"


"Surprisingly funnier than I thought"